"We love what we do and enjoy going to work every day.”


We love what we do and enjoy going to work every day. Since we are businessmen who are constantly developing our own industries, we think that we have become better investors.

And by being investors, we think that we have also become better businessmen.


With luck and possibly some skills, we have been able to generate a high return on our capital. It has allowed us to allocate funds and selectively invest in new business opportunities.

Through work in various constellations over the years, we have continually found interesting people to collaborate with. We have gained experience and networks within business with common denominators. We focus our investments on those areas and avoid others that are less known to us.



We buy shares in great businesses with honest and competent management when the price is reasonable. We prefer to retain our holdings for extended periods of time.

We invest in unlisted companies in industries we have experience in. Our portfolio companies are active in Health care, Education and Office services.

We invest in listed Value companies in Europe and the USA. Our portfolio consists of a dozen companies.

It has been built up over a long period of time. We are convinced that a focused portfolio of 10-15 holdings is optimal.

We prefer to retain our holdings “forever”, but we are opportunistic and might increase or decrease our holdings over time, depending on the market valuation.

The maintaining of large cash reserves over long periods of time is important to us. We are cautious about debt.

We are committed to methodology, and work according to a proven model. We continuously try to identify and evaluate new investment opportunities.

We see great investment opportunities in both listed and unlisted companies


We make investments in listed and unlisted companies. The latter are all entrepreneur-built, the listed companies are Value companies in Europe or the USA. All of our investments are long-term and made in businesses with a strong performance culture, outstanding leadership and high returns.​

(1) investments in public listed and unlisted in Nordic.
(2) investments in public listed and unlisted in the rest of Europe and USA.


Here we publish news which is primarily related to Atnoteras own business. Not news related to our investment object or partners to do.


City Office WTC AB shares divested

Atnotera Group has divested all shares in City Office WTC AB to World Trade Center in Gothenburg AB, it will proceed in two steps.​


Listing of Atvexa on Nasdaq First North

The Board of Atvexa AB (publ) ("Atvexa", "The Company", "The Group" or "Atvexa Group"), one of the leading players in the education market in Sweden, has together with Selling Shareholders1 decided to implement a proprietary spread of the Company's shares through a sale of new and existing Class B shares ("Offer"). The Board of Atvexa has therefore applied for listing of the Company's B-shares on Nasdaq First North. The prospectus is published today and the first trading day is expected to be December 13, 2017.

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Atnotera AB has become a partner in Nolhaga Hem AB

The acquisition has evolved through a rights issue which gives  Atnotera 39% of the stocks in Nolhaga Hem. Nolhaga Hem is a new store chain within home textiles and interiors. The company headquarters is based in Alingsås, the first store will open in Trollhättan in September and the second store in Alingsås mall of Storken in October.​


Atnotera AB has acquired a holding in the British company My Clinical Outcomes Ltd.

This acquisition was carried out as a subscription for a new issue, which gave Atnotera AB a 12% stake in My Clinical Outcomes Ltd.

My Clinical Outcomes Ltd (MCO) helps healthcare organisations collect and analyse outcomes that matter to patients. MCO is accredited by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) to help UK private hospitals meet the requirements set by the Competition & Markets Authority to collect and publish outcomes data.


Atnotera AB has, through the subsidiary MLPW Invest AB acquired a holding in Center for Translational Research AB

This acquisition was carried out as a subscription for a new issue, which gave MLPW a 33% stake in the Center for Translational Research AB 
CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB secures expansion capital
CTC has recently completed a private placement to secure capital for further expansion of the business and in connection with this, formed a holding company named Center for Translational Research AB, which owns 100% of CTC AB. ​

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Atnotera AB has, through subsidiaries, acquired a holding in Fenix Begravning AB.

This acquisition was carried out in a combination of share purchase and subscription for a new issue, which gave the Atnotera group a 25% stake in the Fenix Begravning AB.

Fenix offers its customers a simple funeral planning and booking procedure online, over the phone or through a home call. Fenix provides a straightforward process with full control of the expenses at all the stages, focusing on simplicity, security and quality. The prices are competitive, it is easy to compare the options and the customer is always aware of what s/he is paying for.


Atnotera AB has, through subsidiaries, subscribed for a new issue in the City Office in the WTC AB.

The issue gives the Atnotera group a 50 % stake in the City Office. City Office in the World Trade Center in Stockholm has been a provider of serviced and virtual offices since 1990. The company works with companies of all sizes. Our tenants and virtual clients include many successful Swedish and international companies.


Vårdapoteket sold to Apoteket Hjärtat

Together with Priveq Investment and Investor Growth Capital, VAINAB  entered into an agreement with Apotek Hjärtat to divest its holding in Vårdapoteket i Norden AB (Vårdapoteket)

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Atnotera was founded in 2004. We make investments in stocks and bonds.

Our approach

A value based investor, guided by models and principles.

Unlisted companies

In private companies, built by entrepreneurs with a clear mission.

Listed companies

Low risk, traditional industries and mature businesses constituteour motto.


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