Welcome to Atnotera- we invest capital and experience in great companies


As investors and businessmen, we have been generating returns on our own and other people's capital for more than 20 years.

It gives us great pleasure to invest in great businesses and to see them grow and prosper. We make long-term commitments in sectors we have particular knowledge and experience in.

We invest in companies, both listed and unlisted. The latter are all built by entrepreneurs, and the listed are all Value companies, in Europe or the USA. All of the investments are long-term and made in great businesses with a strong performance culture, outstanding leadership and high returns in investments.



Atnotera was founded in 2004. We make investments in stocks and bonds.

Our approach

A value based investor, guided by models and principles.

Unlisted companies

In private companies, built by entrepreneurs with a clear mission.

Listed companies

Low risk, traditional industries and mature businesses constituteour motto.


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